The most original escape game Escape room Mysterious puzzle in Prag
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3-5 persons    1200 Kč / 60 minutes
2 persons     1000 Kč / 60 minutes
Mystery of the puzzle
You can pay in cash.
We accept telephonic reservations. +420 799 512 727.
Have fun
Use the force
Make photos and videos
Be drunk
Cooperate with your teammates
If you get stuck, ask for a hint

Mystery of the puzzle

You and your friends will find yourselves in a mystery room,
which has old history and has been a secret for a long time.
You must lift the veil of mystery together and solve codes and puzzles waitng for you.
Can you find the secret puzzle, get out in 60 minutes and uncover the secrets of the puzzle?

The game is for 2-5 people.
60 minutes of adventure and fun

The most original escape game in Prague!

"A fabulous experience. I did not think it would be so much fun, I want more!  " Thomas, The Prague Times
"I have never played a better escape game in Prague. Great atmosphere! " Jana, blogerka
"Brilliant, but I still do not understand, why the hedgehog´s spines are not  all of the same lenght. " Sheldon Cooper, TBBT
What is the escape room game?
Who has the game been devised for?
How to play it?
Which language can the game be played in?
You dont need any language in our game.
How can we be helped, if we get stuck?
What are the rules?
When shal we arrive at the place?
The escape room is a new kind of smart entertainment, appropriate to a group of friends or a corporate teambuilding.The game is for 2-5 players who are 60 minutes locked in a room. The team will get out the fastest, if you cooperate and solve all puzzles and other challenges.
The game is for everyone looking for a new and original way of entertainment. It is suitable for groups of friends, families or colleagues. The game is a great opportunity for teambuilding.
Communicating and cooperating with your teammates is the best way to escape and win.
The game master will make you familiar with all rules. The most important thing is to avoid using the force.
If you are stuck, you can follow the game master's hints. He is watching you at the time of the game through the camera and can be helpful, if you don't see any way out.
Please be on time according to your reservation. Don't forget that there are other teams preceding and following. You can find our escape room in the centre of Prague.